At Symmetry our aim is to assist in the provision of health solutions
for a wide range of people.

Using evidence-based approaches to all aspects of physical activity, Symmetry tailors exercise interventions relative to the needs of the individual to improve quality of life.


An accredited exercise physiologist is an allied health professional who can assist individuals in the treatment/management of a wide variety of chronic conditions, as well as other aspects of physical activity.

Exercise Physiologists have completed a university degree and are accredited through Exercise and Sports Science Australia. This ensures both safe and positive outcomes for those seeking physical activity interventions.

Symmetry Clinical Exercise Physiology caters for a wide variety of conditions.
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“Michael is in my opinion one of the very best, not only E.P’s but Rehabilitation Health Care Professionals that I have ever worked with. And I have worked with a lot including some of the best from all over Melbourne…”   DAVID O'FARRELL




Symmetry offers a wide variety of services. Our aim is to implement physical activity interventions that improve health, quality of life and are enjoyable at the same time.

Chronic Conditions

Using evidence-based practice, Symmetry’s qualified exercise physiologists assist individuals in the treatment/management of chronic conditions. Symmetry offers these services in collaboration with other allied health professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for individuals. Conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Metabolic: Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity/Weight Management, Hyperlipidemia
  • Neurological: Stroke, Parkinson’s, Lance Adam’s Syndrome
  • Cardiopulmonary: Angina, Cardiac Rehab, Emphysema
  • Musculoskeletal: Post-Surgery Rehabilitation, Chronic Injury Management, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia
  • Other: Exercise for Cancer Patients, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/mental health

Falls Prevention

Falls are the number one cause of injury among adults 65 years and older. Estimations suggest that 1 in 3 older adults fall each year. However the incidence of falls can be significantly reduced with the implementation of safeguards which include home place assessments, walking aids and physical activity interventions such as balance, strength and gait training.

Here at Symmetry we implement physical activity interventions to improve balance and strength, resulting in increased function, confidence and independence.

Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

Poorly designed workstations often result in individuals adopting postures that lead to discomfort, pain and potential injury that can be easily avoided. Ergonomic assessments can reduce the risk of pain and injury, and are proven to increase productivity long-term.

By arranging workstations relative to individuals’ needs and implementing physical activity interventions, Symmetry can help alleviate repetitive work station postures and discomfort resulting in a more productive and cohesive work environment.

    MICHAEL PEGG  B.ExSci&Nut, M.ClinExPhys, AEP, ESSAM

Michael has worked in the sports, health and exercise industry since 2007 and completed a masters in clinical exercise physiology in 2012. During this time he has successfully applied exercise protocols to treat neurological, metabolic and cardiopulmonary disease, and has extensive experience in a wide range of areas including weight management, falls prevention, mental illness and sports specific strength and conditioning.

Michael’s passion lies in chronic disease management and patients presenting with multi-factorial conditions. He has a particular interest in neurological conditions and the development of treatment programs that enhance quality of life and independence.

Central to Michael’s success as an AEP is his ability to develop innovative strategies to overcome barriers preventing patients from enjoying optimal health. His approach is one of attentiveness and empathy that results in a sophisticated understanding of each individual’s capacity and goals, culminating in treatment programs that are both highly effective and sustainable.


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